Employers have a duty to protect each and every employee from occupational hazards. Moltz Constructors views safety as a value rather than a priority.We know that safety does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful attention to all company operations by all who are directly and indirectly involved. It relies on a culture that drives employees at all levels to work diligently to execute our policy of maintaining occupational safety and health as our most important value and striving for the highest level of safety performance in all aspects of our business.

Safety as a core value within our company inspires our leaders to focus on the example they set for our craftsmen in the field. We are diligent with our hiring process followed by an avid trainingprogram designed to sharpen our employee’sability to identify and correct unsafe or noncompliant conditions and behaviors. We at MCI believe that a culture of safety begins with the implementation ofclear safety policies and goals beginning with upper management and flowing through every salary and hourly employee.

Our dedicated and unwavering focus on safety has awarded our team with a zerorecordable or lost time injury record since June of 2012.Each employee at MCI takes great pride in our safety achievements with the humbling knowledge that every day we will face new challenges, and we must not weaver in our commitment to providing our employees with a safe and healthful work place.

MCI has a goal of zero accidents or injuries, and implements an on-going review of processes, procedures and practices through observation, workplace examinations, leadership evaluation and task analysis. This comprehensive review of all performance areas is to ensure pro-active continuous improvement in safe work habits at all levels.

Each employee at MCI has the authority,obligation and duty to interveneupon recognizing any unsafe condition or behavior.

MCI Safety Program Includes

  • Documentation of all incidents, first aids and near misses
  • New hire orientation and training
  • Full Time Safety and Health Professional
  • Comprehensive Safety & Health Manual
  • OSHA 10/30 for all management and supervisors
  • Weekly all hands and daily tool box safety meetings
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Drug free work environment
  • Employee certifications